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What to do if a power cord is damaged?

by HUYU 07 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Replacing the plug and receptacle on a severed extension cord or power tool cord is a safer alternative to splicing, which can preserve the cord from being thrown away.

Putting in a new plug is a quick and easy fix for a damaged cord. You can use a soldering iron to apply metal solder if you can't find a replacement plug and want to keep the cord's length. Then, you may test whether or not your fixed chord is as good as new by plugging it in.


Repair for a damaged Wire


Have you severed your strong, sturdy extension cord by accident? Repairing it is more cost-effective than buying a new cord. To avoid the hassle of splicing, just replace the plug and receptacle ends of the cord with new ones.


Fixing a damaged power cord


Although you may repair electrical cords, only those confident in their ability to do so safely should try such repairs. Unsafely mended cords might result in electric shock or even start fires. If you need help with how to proceed, hiring an expert or getting a new cord is best.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration advises against using electrical tape to mend a damaged cord. However, you can use it to repair a cord whose outer insulation has been damaged only a little.

If the outside insulation of your cord has been severely damaged, allowing it to bend more than the remainder of the line, or if the wires within have been exposed, tape won't be enough to repair the problem. Here are the steps you need to take to repair a broken power cord.


Repairing a Cut Power Cord by Rewiring Its Plug End


The location of the cut is a factor. A new cable will be required if the cord is severed near where it joined the device. A shorter electrical cord can be used if it is cut closer to the plug and a sufficient cord length remains linked to the appliance. Turn off the electricity at the wall before beginning to prevent electrocution. Then, remove the plug and throw away the cord.


Step 1: Cut the Cables


Remove about 3/4 of an inch (2 centimeters) of insulation from each of the three exposed wires using wire strippers. Avoid severing the internal wires, or you can find yourself with a shorter cable than you started with. You must then strip the insulation on the three wires until the bare metal is exposed.


Step 2: Plug in the wires.


To get to the terminal screws, unscrew the new plug and pry off the outer case with a screwdriver. Tighten the terminal screws after wrapping each exposed metal wire clockwise around the appropriate screw.

As a rule of thumb, the grounding green wire should be attached to the green grounding screw, the hot black wire to the brass terminal, and the neutral white wire to the silver screw.


Step 3; Put on a new plug cover.


Replace the cover on the new plug and screw it in securely. Plugging the device into an outlet will allow you to test if the fix was successful. If you've repaired a damaged extension cable and want to be sure it's wired correctly, you can use a plug-in circuit tester to verify your repairs.

If you are okay with cutting the cable shorter, repairing an extension cord is simple. Follow the steps above to repair an electrical cable by replacing the plug if the damage is located near the cord's male end.

You can get a new female end (receptacle end) for your cord if it breaks close to it. Connect the green wire to the green terminal screw, the black wire to the brass terminal screw, and the white wire to the silver screw, just like when wiring a new plug.


Take away


These days, PVC or cotton coats the outside of most cables and cords. Because they do not conduct electricity, you can use these materials without risk. The wires inside a cord can be seen if frayed, torn, or worn through. Because of this, you'll have a greater chance of touching the wires and getting shocked.

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