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How to Repair and Replace an Extension Cord End?

by HUYU 23 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Eventually, even the most durable extension cords will wear out and break. Pulling the extension cable out of the power source and finding that some of the cords aren't firmly connected to their plug is a sign that you need to replace it.  Damage to your cord can be caused by extra force to the joints or abrasion from a harsh environment.

A damaged plug is the only part of an extension cord that you should repair. If you need to replace your extension cord's plug, here's how. You won't have to spend money on a new one and can safely use the old one.


What Tools Do I Need?

  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Utility Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • A Replacement Plug


Easy Steps for Replacing an Extension Cord Plug


Step 1. Unplug the Damaged Cord


Unplug your extension cord plug from any electric socket as a first step. Even if your extension cable is damaged, attempting to replace it while it is still plugged in is dangerous, as you could risk electrocution. Double-check just to be safe.


Step 2. Remove The Exterior Part


After you've checked that the cord isn't plugged into the power source, you can remove the old plug. Use wire cutters to remove the damaged plug from the cord. You can easily remove the outer jacket by making a shallow cut along its length and gently cutting around the cord.


Step 3. Cut the Damaged Part of the Cord


In this step, you can determine the various electrical connections represented by their different cable colors. Usually, the colors black, white, and green usually denote the hot, neutral, and ground wires of a three-prong extension cord.

Next, strip approximately half an inch from each wire with your stripper, then wrap the stranded cables around each other neatly. Remember to cut off any leftover broken pieces with your wire cutter. 


Step 4. Check Your Replacement Plug


You should check the amperage ratings and voltage of the new cord to ensure it will work with your extension before you even attempt to open and wire the new plug. The amperage and voltage requirements should be clearly indicated on the old and replacement plugs. All you must do is compare to ensure they are the same.


Step 5. Connect the Cord Wires


Once you've done the step above, it's time to open and replace the damaged plug; you'll need your screwdriver to open the damaged plug's terminal screws. Connect the exposed copper parts to their proper terminal screws, then twist the black wire's end length with the brass terminal.

You can easily insert the wire into the slots of most modern plugs. Make the screws as tight as possible, ensuring the plug connection has no loose cables.


Step 6. Enclose the Extension Cord Plug Replacement


Are you done with the wiring? You can then cover the plug. Looking closely, you'll see that the terminal screws have matching slots on the top. Ensure the terminals on the cover align with the appropriate terminals on the plug's prongs.

This is an excellent way to double-check that all wires are securely connected and that the job is done safely; screw the prongs into their housing even more securely.


Step 7. Test the Replacement Cord


We hope you have had a smooth run so far! The final stage of your repair process is to connect your circuit tester to the opposite end of the cord using the plug. The tester's lights will turn on if the cord is safely secured and the wires are connected. This indicates that your project is well done, and you can now enjoy safely using your extension. 


Take Away


To safely do the repair project, you must take extra safety when using an extension cord. Always make sure your extension is not in contact with liquids or snow.   Invest in an outside extension cord if you need to use one outdoors. 

However, If you have doubts about your ability to do the repair safely, do not do it. Consult an expert if you have more inquiries about your extension cord. Here at Starelo, we have a staff of licensed electricians ready to assist you with everything electrical and provide quality and cost-effective electrical repair products.

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